Yuxa - Motion Capture & Projection

Yuxa is an interactive installation that my team, Brownian Motion, built in June 2018. It is a light sculpture that captures participants' motions and projects their image back with modulated visuals.
To see the proposal and CAD model for next year's expanded project, see Yuxa Proposal 2019.

By reacting to people's movements with mesmerizing imagery, Yuxa encourages participants to explore and generate unique artwork.


the process

The installation is a motion capture and visual projection system that uses a Kinect to detect participants' motions. Through TouchDesigner software, their movements trigger beautiful visuals that are projected onto a fabric screen.

We upgraded from last year's Lumokinesis project by creating a more inviting environment. This year we designed a dance area with a serpent theme to give the installation more character. We created an atrium with ribs and programmed LEDs, and then we placed cozy egg-shaped chairs at the corners for spectators to watch.

The physical installation and chairs were designed in Adobe Illustrator, cut out of plywood with a CNC, and spraypainted.

Egg seats, fresh off the CNC

Fabric decoration done by Theresa Carranza


Illustrator file of the screen frame

Illustrator file of the screen frame