illuminated Columns for Entryway


The two columns flanking an entrance.

I worked with Caroline Bergelin to create inviting columns for events where Syncytium was presenting.  They were intended to flank the entryway to our camp and provide illumination at night. 

I was responsible for the column structure, and Caroline designed the acrylic panes for the light to shine through.



Column by day

Column by night with UV light

Acrylic panel by Caroline Bergelin

Acrylic and string with UV light

Acrylic panel by Caroline Bergelin


The Process

Cardboard prototype

Since we brought these columns to events, I designed them to be made of flat, modular pieces that would interlock to assemble for easy transportation.

I began with cardboard prototypes, and then designed the parts in Illustrator. I used a Shopbot CNC to route the pieces out of OSB wood before cutting the final pieces out of plywood. 

Caroline and I glued the acrylic panels to the wood and added UV lighting so the multi-colored acrylic would fluoresce.

Cardboard prototype

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) cheaper wood prototype

Shopbot CNC of final plywood