Geodesic Dome - A Platform for Group Interactivity


One of the main pieces of infrastructure that Syncytium offers is our 32-foot diameter geodesic dome.

It's a hemispherical structure comprised of a triangular lattice. It was designed by Buckminster Fuller for maximal architectural integrity by distributing stress throughout the struts.

It's also a fantastic platform for all sorts of group interactivity.


The Dome at Events


The dome has been loaned to many members of the community who have used it as a:

Suspending an aerialist

  • Performance space for Ann Arbor's Festifools.

  • Exhibit for the Detroit Maker Faire

  • Rig for aerial play and performances.

  • Jungle gym for the UofM parkour club.

  • Greenhouse for a local elementary school.

  • Syncytium camp infrastructure at community events like
    Lakes of Fire and Burning Man.


The Process

When we fabricated it back in 2012, I led the full production process by securing the free warehouse space, obtaining funds, planning the manufacturing by following this process, and organizing the workflow with industrial tools at a local makerspace.

Building this beast was an amazing group effort!

I also wrote an application to the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation, who awarded us a $1,000 grant to cover the majority of the cost.