Wooden Designer Chair with Ergonomic String Art


Our group wanted to make a chair that had an elegant design and novel aesthetic, while also being comfortable.

We designed a chair with a minimal frame, and string art that was aesthetically innovative yet ergonomic.

The final chair

Testing the finished piece

The Process

The frame was designed in Illustrator.

We used a Shopbot CNC to cut out several layers of 1/2 inch plywood, which were glued together to make 4 thicker pieces. These pieces had intricate joinery that we locked together and reinforced with more wood glue.

We drilled holes along the frame's edge, and then strung black nylon paracord for its high strength to comfortably suspend a sitting person.

Clamped to hold the joints together while the wood glue dried

Marking holes to drill

Stringing paracord through the holes